Radiant Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

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Lindelli’s lab grown radiant cut engagement rings symbolise love, beauty, and sophistication. The iconic radiant cut combines the emerald cut's sleek elegance and the round cut's dazzling brilliance. It's a captivating fusion that amplifies the diamond's sparkle, creating an irresistible charm that lets you say “I do” in a special way.

Personalised Lab Grown Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

At Lindelli, each radiant cut ring tells a unique story of love, commitment, and enduring elegance. Our dedication to intimate luxury means that every step of your journey with us is tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ring or simply wish to explore our array of designs, we are here to provide personalised service for your special occasion.

Our Solitaire Collection

The radiant cut diamond beautifully lends itself to our solitaire engagement rings. Its sleek silhouette lets the diamond take centre stage, and its clean lines create a sense of subtle luxury — perfect for those who appreciate refined simplicity.

Our iconic collection includes multi-stone diamond bands, halos, 6-claw designs, and pink diamonds. Whatever type of engagement ring you are interested in, Lindelli’s radiant cut lab diamond engagement rings offer a unique choice that embodies your relationship with your partner.

Versatile Luxury Redefined

Radiant cuts feature balanced proportions that easily match different styles and settings. The diamond also complements several metals, such as our classic 18K yellow gold as well as contemporary platinum. Whether you prefer a warm, vintage-inspired aesthetic or a sleek, modern look, our signature radiant cuts seamlessly integrate with various bands for a custom look.

Find Your Perfect Lab Grown Radiant Engagement Ring

Celebrate your love with the perfect lab engagement rings in Sydney. Contact us to learn about our fine jewellery collection, and let us help you create a special engagement ring today.


Are Lindelli’s radiant lab-grown diamond engagement rings as durable as natural diamond rings?

Lindelli’s radiant lab grown diamond engagement rings are just as durable as their natural counterparts. Our lab grown diamonds exhibit the same hardness and durability as mined diamonds. They are highly resistant to scratching and chipping, so they are suitable for everyday wear.

What factors should I consider when choosing a radiant lab-grown diamond engagement ring?

Choose a well-cut radiant diamond with excellent sparkle proportions and symmetry for maximum light reflection. Also, consider your finger's size and lifestyle when selecting the carat weight. Keep in mind that radiant cut diamonds appear larger per carat than other diamond shapes.

Which types of radiant cut engagement rings does Lindelli offer?

Lindelli offers various bands and colour options, including pink, green, and yellow, so you can find a ring that fits your style. Our extended collection includes other cuts like the cushion cut, Asscher, and marquise lab grown rings.

We also offer customisation options like engraving so you can create the perfect ring.

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