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A story of shared vision, a passion for timeless design and desire to bring back individual style


A clear vision

Toya Worsley & Gus Hashem share a clear vision for Lindelli - jewellery with a fresh aesthetic reflecting their own personal values and taste as consumers. Values they proudly stand behind.

It’s a discussion many of us have today, whether stemming from environmental concern or simply a motivation to consume fewer things of higher quality. We’re all beginning to re-evaluate what we truly desire and enjoy.

An emphasis on design

Unconventional modern romance comes to mind when describing the Lindelli universe.  Our mission is to create the highest quality, versatile pieces that align with modern day values.

Drawing from inspirations both past & present, our pieces are truly unique and designed to put a sparkle in the eye of the
wearer. Each Lindelli piece has been meticulously designed to be lived in and with, made with the finest materials by the most talented local artisans.

Defined by form and accented by bespoke selections, Lindelli pieces are designed to naturally become an emblem of one’s own personal story.

The Lindelli Way

A commitment to quality and originality


Meet our Co-founders

Introducing Co-founder

Toya Worsley

Toya has long admired how beautiful design and certain luxuries in life help us escape into our imagination, reflect on our memories and recall places and moments that matter in our lives.

This appreciation led her to a high profile international career in the film industry where she spearheaded distribution and marketing for many of the world’s most loved Hollywood studios, movies and entertainment platforms.  Like with film, Toya loves how jewellery can transport you to another time, place, alter your mood and deliver the escapism
we all thrive on.

For Toya, the story behind the piece is as valuable as the piece itself and a notion which fuels the design approach for each and every piece Lindelli produces.

Introducing Co-founder

Gus Hashem

The Hashem name has been synonymous with fine jewellery since 1974, when Gus’ father founded his jewellery business, famous for impeccable craftsmanship and unwavering integrity.

Gus followed this example launching Diamond Emporium in 2010, giving Australians the most precious, rare and spectacular diamonds from around the world. Importantly, Gus did this responsibly and ethically, with honesty and care grounding technical advice, skill and precision.

He’s borderline obsessive about the intrinsic quality of gemstones, their origins, stories, and the customs which preserve authenticity. It’s the craftsmanship that goes into turning an idea of preciousness into something that’s real.

Gus is a founder of the international young diamantaire group, recognised internationally, as a WDFB (World Diamond Federation Bourses) member.


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