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For many people, yellow celebrates happiness, sunshine, and hope. Lindelli offers an exquisite collection of lab grown yellow diamonds with a delightfully vibrant hue that shimmers like a summer day. Our assortment of yellow lab grown diamond engagement rings is available in different shades and designs, so you can make your eternal promise with a genuinely exceptional piece of fine jewellery.

Versatile Cuts and Designs

Yellow diamonds lend themselves effortlessly to radiant cuts, which gives the stone an opportunity to stand out. You can try other cuts, such as the marquise cut, which accentuates the vibrant colour of a lab grown yellow diamond. If you’re looking for a more vintage aesthetic, the cushion cut complements the warmth of a yellow diamond, as the larger facets allow for good light reflection, highlighting the diamond's brilliance and colour.

For a beautiful, elaborate showcase, the yellow diamond in a round or Asscher cut offers the maximum brilliance for a fancy colour display. The stunning emerald diamond, on the other hand, provides an unhindered display of the yellow colour in all of its depth and beauty.

Lab Grown Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow diamonds offer a delightful twist to the classic engagement ring. They exude a charm that is quirky and timeless, adding a lovely touch to your special day. Whether set in rose gold or platinum, their vibrant and sunny hue lends a burst of sunshine to your ring — symbolising the brightness of your future.

Lab Grown Diamonds for Sale

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Are yellow lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, yellow lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They share the same properties as natural diamonds, including their hardness, brilliance, and durability. The only difference is their origin — Lindelli lab diamonds in Sydney are created in a controlled environment in a laboratory, while natural diamonds are formed deep within the earth.

Does Lindelli offer lab grown diamonds in other colours?

Yes, we offer lab grown diamonds in other colours, such as green and pink. We create these hues by introducing specific trace elements during the growth process. For example, green lab grown diamonds may contain trace amounts of nitrogen or boron, while pink lab grown diamonds may have a combination of carbon and nitrogen.

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