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Pink diamonds embody femininity, romance, and gracefulness. Just like true love, they are rare and beautiful — some of the best gifts you can give a loved one. Lindelli offers a stunning collection of pink lab grown diamonds made by some of the top artisans in fine jewellery.

Lab Grown Pink Diamonds in Australia

Lindelli’s lab diamonds in Sydney are a wonder of modern technology, created through a process that replicates the conditions under which pink diamonds form naturally. Our skilled artisans introduce trace elements during the growth process to produce diamonds in beautiful shades of pink, from delicate rosy pastels to intense purples. This results in lab grown pink diamonds that are as stunning as some of the rarest pink diamonds in the world.

Lab Grown Pink Diamonds for Sale

For years, colourless diamonds have always been the preferred choice for engagement rings. However, this is changing, as more couples look for unique ways to celebrate and symbolise their love. Pink is a feminine colour that showcases class, creativity, and beauty. We have an exquisite selection of pink lab grown diamond rings in a variety of designs and shades so you can find the perfect ring to gift your loved one.

Make it Your Own

At Lindelli, we believe that you should get the diamond ring that resonates with who you are. We work with you to choose the diamond's cut, carat weight, and colour so we can tailor the lab grown diamond engagement ring to meet your exact standards. You can include personalised details, such as engraving initials, birthstones, or significant dates. Contact us to learn more about our engagement rings in Sydney, and let’s work together to create something special just for you.


What is the process of purchasing a pink lab diamond with Lindelli like?

Check our website to view our collection of loose pink diamonds and pre-designed engagement rings featuring pink diamonds. If you’re interested in a custom piece, you can contact us to schedule an appointment at our Sydney atelier or virtually. Our dedicated consultant will walk you through a budget and different ring styles, like ring settings, metal types, and diamond accents.

Which types of pink diamonds does Lindelli offer?

We offer a vast selection of pink diamonds in different shades of pink and various cuts, including our luxurious cushion lab-grown rings, elegant emerald rings, gleaming radiant rings, exquisite round rings, sophisticated Asscher diamonds, and timeless marquise diamond engagement rings. Those after something a bit more colourful can browse our range of yellow lab diamonds and green lab diamonds.

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