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Green diamonds are among the rarest coloured diamonds, making up only a tiny fraction of the world's diamond supply. Lindelli’s collection of radiant green lab grown diamonds adds an element of exclusivity and intrigue so that you can own something truly special. Our lab grown green diamonds are created through a controlled radiation process to achieve the desired green colour, resulting in a beautiful gem that mirrors a natural stone.

Stunning Lab Grown Green Diamonds

Lindelli’s green lab grown diamonds come in a range of shades, from subtle pastels to vibrant hues, each with its unique charm. Whether set in a simple icon engagement ring or as the centrepiece of a dazzling marquise ring, they have a natural allure that's hard to resist.

A Guarantee of Quality

Our green lab grown diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from conventional mined diamonds in quality and purity. They share the same physical and chemical properties, including their brilliance, hardness, and clarity. This means you can enjoy the beauty and luxury of diamonds without compromising on quality.

And because we are involved in every step of production, we can control the diamond's characteristics to produce lab grown diamonds in a wide range of shades, sizes, and shapes. We also offer customisation options, so you can work with our master artisans to design and create your unique fine jewellery. Find your green diamond lab grown ring today. Contact us to learn about our lab diamonds in Sydney, and let us help you design your dream engagement ring.


What is the process of purchasing a green lab diamond with Lindelli like?

If you’re looking to buy a green lab grown diamond, you can start by browsing our online catalogue. Explore our stunning collection, and then get in touch with one of our experts to customise your engagement rings in Sydney.

What styles of green lab diamond engagement rings does Lindelli offer?

We offer a world-class selection of engagement rings, including exquisite round lab-grown diamond engagement rings, luxurious cushion engagement rings, elegant emerald rings, and sophisticated Asscher diamond engagement rings.

Can green diamonds be lab grown?

Yes. We use a cutting-edge process that replicates natural diamonds in a controlled environment. Our team also collaborates with clients to create unique green diamonds for different occasions. We also offer yellow lab grown diamonds and pink lab grown diamonds.

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