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At Lindelli, we believe in crafting more than just jewellery; we create everlasting treasures that resonate with your unique style and story inspired by only the finest Australian gemstones. Our mission centres on the responsible creation of high-quality, versatile fine jewellery cherished today and for generations to come.

Intimate Luxury in Every Detail

In our pursuit of excellence, we have curated a collection of fine jewellery earrings that epitomise intimate luxury for cherished moments that last forever. Amongst our offerings, our diamond earrings hold a special place, radiating elegance and sophistication that captures hearts at first glance.

The Beauty of 18k Gold: Rose, White, and Yellow

Each pair of Lindelli fine jewellery diamond earrings is meticulously crafted using the finest 18k gold, available in three timeless shades — elegant rose gold, timeless white gold, and classic yellow gold. This choice of gold not only enhances the beauty of the diamond but also allows our customers to express their unique style through their preferred hue.

Timeless Elegance

Fine earrings are timeless pieces that exude elegance and sophistication. The careful craftsmanship and attention to detail in creating our large diamond collection ensures a look that transcends fashion trends, making them perpetually stylish. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event or aiming for a casual, chic look, there's a pair of fine jewellery earrings to complement every outfit and occasion.

Expressing Individuality

At Lindelli, we invite you to experience the timeless beauty and sophistication of our diamond earrings and fine jewellery. Immerse yourself in a world of intimate luxury, where every piece is crafted by our lab-grown diamond specialists to resonate with your unique style and personality.


What is a fine jewellery earring?

Fine jewellery earrings refer to high-quality, intricately designed earrings made from precious metals and adorned with gemstones or diamonds. These earrings are crafted with precision and attention to detail, often representing an elevated level of artistry and craftsmanship. Fine jewellery earrings are typically created using materials such as gold, platinum, and silver, and they may incorporate diamonds, gemstones, or other precious stones to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

What types of fine jewellery earrings does Lindelli offer?

Lindelli offers a diverse range of fine jewellery earrings and lab-grown diamonds in Sydney designed to cater to different tastes and styles. Our collection includes diamond earrings featuring high-quality diamonds set in 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, or 18k yellow gold. We also offer a diverse range of fine jewellery bracelets, fine jewellery rings, including custom engagement rings and wedding bands, and fine jewellery necklaces.

What is a butterfly clutch earring backing?

A butterfly clutch, also known as a butterfly clutch clutch or friction back, is a common earring backing. It has a small metal piece that you squeeze to secure the earring.

What are screw-back earrings?

Screw-back earrings have a threaded post that you twist into the backing to secure them in place. They provide extra security but can be slower to put on and take off.

What are leverback earrings?

Leverback earrings have a hinged lever that you snap into place behind your earlobe. They are stylish and secure, making them a popular choice for dangle earrings.

What are fishhook earring backings?

Fishhook earrings have a long, curved wire that goes through your earlobe. They are simple to put on and take off, but they can be less secure than other types.

What is a push-back earring backing?

Push-backs, also called friction backs, have a straight post with a small metal piece you push onto the back of the earring. They are easy to use but can sometimes be less secure.

Are there hypoallergenic earring backings?

Yes, there are hypoallergenic options like plastic, silicone, and titanium backings for those with metal allergies.

Can I change the earring backing type on my earrings?

In most cases, you can change the backing type of your earrings as long as the post size matches the new backing. At LINDELLI we can customise your earring backings to your preference.

Which earring backing is best for heavy earrings?

Screw-back and leverback earrings provide the best support for heavy earrings, reducing the risk of them pulling on your earlobes.

How can I prevent earring backings from slipping off?

To prevent backings from slipping off, make sure they fit snugly on the earring post and consider using rubber earring stoppers.

Are there special backings for stud earrings?

Standard butterfly clutches or push-backs are often used for stud earrings, but you can use other backings for added security or comfort.

What earring backing is best for active lifestyles?

Leverback or screw-back earrings are ideal for active lifestyles as they are less likely to come loose during physical activities.

Can I find interchangeable earring backings?

Yes, some earring backings are designed to be interchangeable, allowing you to switch between different styles easily.

Remember that choosing the right earring backing depends on your style preferences, comfort, and the type of earrings you're wearing. If you need a personalised recommendation, ask a Lindelli expert.

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