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At Lindelli, we epitomise the perfect blend of quality and affordability as we bring you carefully considered designs, paired with the finest hand selected sustainable diamonds. Our wedding band collection is designed to bridge the gap between old-world luxury and the modern values. 



Our lab-grown wedding bands and fine jewellery cater to a new generation of consumers, savvy individuals who appreciate luxury but are also conscious of their choices, valuing sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Exceptional Quality and Precision

Each lab-grown diamonds wedding band showcases exceptional quality and precision in its craftsmanship. Every diamond is meticulously grown to perfection, utilising cutting-edge technology to ensure consistency in colour, clarity, and brilliance. The result is a collection of lab-grown wedding rings that gleam with a captivating and enduring radiance so you can say “I do” in exquisite style.

Lab-Made Diamond Wedding Rings to Suit Every Style

Our lab diamond wedding rings boast a wide array of designs, allowing you to choose a band that complements your style and preference. From classic and timeless lab engagement rings to modern styles and engraved wedding rings, our collection caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you seek simple and elegant men’s wedding rings or women’s wedding rings adorned with bespoke diamonds, we have the perfect custom wedding rings to symbolise your love and commitment.

Unveil Your Forever Symbol

Choosing a lab-grown wedding band is a momentous decision, as it symbolises the eternal bond you share with your significant other. Our unisex wedding rings celebrate love, commitment, and responsible choices. With each ring, you wear a masterpiece of elegance and contribute to a better world.

Join us in embracing the beauty of ceremonial rings and experience the radiance and brilliance they bring to your journey of love and togetherness. Visit our store and immerse yourself in the world of ethically sourced, environmentally conscious, and breathtakingly beautiful lab-grown diamond wedding bands — a symbol of your forever love.


What types of diamond wedding bands for women does Lindelli offer?

Lindelli proudly offers endless lab-created diamond and gemstone wedding ring combinations customised to your liking. In our "Halfway" collection, lab-grown diamonds embellish half of the band's circumference, and the “Eternity” collection showcases lab-grown diamonds that encircle most of the band.  We can adjust any aspect of the ring design to your liking, be it the band width or diamond size.  The possibilities are endless.

How does the process for choosing lab-made wedding rings with Lindelli work?

You can explore our online collection of lab-created diamond wedding rings to familiarise yourself with our large diamond collection. If you’re looking for custom engagement rings, contact us to book an appointment with our lab-grown diamond specialists. If you have a particular design in mind, we can custom create it for you and print a silver prototype to try before creating your ring.   

Does Lindelli sell other types of jewellery?

Lindelli offers a stunning array of fine jewellery beyond our exquisite lab-grown diamonds in Sydney. Our collection includes a carefully curated selection of fine jewellery necklaces, stunning fine jewellery earrings to adorn your ears, and fine jewellery bracelets.  Choose from white or coloured diamonds, or introduce your favourite gemstone for a touch of individuality that speaks to your story. 

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